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Caliopie St. Michaels, newly arrived from the East and a graduate of the St. Michaels' Foundling Home in New York City arrives in Sweetwater after accepting the position as ranch cook at the large Harrison ranch just an hour out of town.  Callie is  a diminuitive, red-haired green eyed young lady with a tenacity that was encouraged by the nuns that raised her since they knew she would need it when she left them.   She didn't expect to find love, not with her damaged foot and strong personality; but rancher Seth Harrison has other plans once he sees her.  And the ranch hands won't allow him to send her away either once they taste her cooking.   She becomes an unlikely matriarch of the men and women that will follow her to the town of Sweetwater as they learn to live and love in the developing  western town..

Sweetwater, Kansas in the 1870s is a sleepy little town that just won the lotto as the railroad decided to make it a stop and the town went from drowsy to bustling in a matter of months.  That means more people with more needs.  That means a new school and more stores and even a newspaper of their very own.  That means men and women and families all converging into the area where once there was just a few buildings for convenience.