Meet Romance Author Susan Payne

History, specially the 1800s, has always held a secret draw for me.  Regency England with their women encircled by social restrictions juxtaposed with the American west where woman had to be strong and as independent as a man to survive.

‚ÄčThe first two stories of the Sweetwater series is available in print at this time

    Susan began her writing when she was still a young mother, trying to find time to type on the old Smith-Corona from hand written notes that she was able to scribble off between children's naps and meals and cleaning.  Cleaning always came first, before any amusements; but she has decided that dust can be interesting and shirts don't need to be ironed to be wearable.

   She now spends her time writing stories as dictated by her new friends so others can enjoy them as much as she does.


Susan has been a finalist in several international contests